Love Yourself

Love Yourself!

How beautiful do you really feel inside the body that’s been designed for you? Are you always complaining about something that’s not just how you would’ve liked it? “I wish my nose was smaller, I wish I was thinner, I wish my hair was longer, I wish my bum was just a bit lifted! Lol!” Does this sound familiar to you? Well, you’re not the only one! Thousands of women are unsatisfied with their bodies. That’s why the diet supplements industry as well as the cosmetic surgery industry are overflowing with billions of dollars. Allow me to be honest with you for a second. The truth is that even if you get cosmetic surgery, you might have more confidence for a while, but true satisfaction and appreciation for your body happens from within.

I have walked this journey. I know how it feels to count all the calories every day, to look in the mirror and wish I was thinner. I know how it feels to starve yourself and to never be happy with your weight. I always felt self-conscious. I know how it feels to be on diet pills and to do everything I can to lose weight. When God healed released me from that bondage, I realized wow! It’s all within! Yes, you need to eat healthy and exercise and look after your body, but in order to do that, you must love your body. Don’t lose weight and exercise because you hate your body. NO! Do it, because you love it!

I always felt self-conscious about my legs. No matter how skinny I was, my legs was just always muscle and big carves. I couldn’t wear shorts or take out a short dress. Until I found a love in cycling and wow! Now I am so thankful for my calves and legs! I love them! Why? Because I found that my legs have been designed strong for a reason. Why try to change it? Instead I have used my legs for to my advantage! Maybe you are unhappy with the shape of your body, but I want you to realize that you’ve been created with that shape for a reason. You are your most beautiful form, just as you are. So get your body shape chart on google and dress the way that fits your body shape. This will already change your look and boost your confidence!

Today I also want you to realize that no plastic surgeon can overwrite the beauty that God created. You are the most beautiful you in your original form! Listen what the Word says. Psalm 139:14 “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvellous-how well I know it.” Now this is exactly how you should feel! I really want to encourage you today to leave all those diet pills and to pick up God’s Word. Start to get knowledge about how you were designed and what God thinks about you! Satan will do everything to break you down, because he knows as soon as you’re happy with yourself and filled with confidence…his kingdom is going to get harmed. You are born a warrior and with great purpose. You need to break free from these lies that break you down.

I’ve found victory! So can you!

I saw a beautiful woman one day. Not fat and not skinny, but filled with confidence. This blew me away! She attracted everyone around her. I sat a few tables away from her and her confidence changed my life. I realized that womanhood consist of so much more than weight! Your weight and body build does not determine your womanhood. You are woman. You are made emotional and you want to look good in order to feel good, but try to feel good first, then look good. When you feel good you will automatically eat more healthy, exercise and look after yourself.

Here’s a few guidelines that will help you to gain back your self-love:

•Start with a relationship with Christ.

•Spend time in the word of God. Start with Psalms

•Write down everything that bothers you about your body and give it to God.

•Ask God to change the way you see yourself and start to see yourself through His eyes.

•Declare His promises every day.

•Stand in front of the mirror and overwrite, all the negative words and thoughts you have about your body, with positive thoughts every day.

•Start seeing the beauty of your body as it is and compliment yourself every day! For example “Wow, I’ve got beautiful eyes!” “I am wonderfully made’ “Thank you Father for my amazing body, created in Your image”.

•Surround yourself with people who motivate you and build you up.

•Spend time with God every day. Get up earlier and pray to Him! Tell Him how you feel and listen to His Word . Follow His instructions.

•Believe in yourself and know that you are sculptured with fine detail. Made by the King of kings. Your creator.

Victory is near! Never ever give up! You can do this! You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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