Leandré Lucas

I’m an 18 year old lady from Worcester and would like to share the change in my life ever since Anicka, the founder of Real Women For God, started to invest time and knowledge in the young ladies in Worcester’s lives.

Before I met Anicka, I had a low self-esteem. My confidence was basically based on what others thought about me. When people would compliment me, I would throw it back in their faces. I didn’t think that I was beautiful, nor did I think that I was worthy of something. I believed it when people would hurt me with words. When I walked down streets, my head would be down because I didn’t want to make eye contact with anyone nor did I want to greet them, but then Anicka came and held a conference.

I remember perfectly how she gave us bookmarks and we had to write on it exactly what we thought about ourselves which was the opposite of what people said about us. We had to believe what we wrote and also believe that what God knows about us is way more important than what the world think about us. Then came the second conference and what stood out was the fact that she dealt with Fathership. We realised that God was the Father that we need and if you’ve never had a father or never knew your father or your father has never been there for you, you need to know that God IS your Father and He loves and you are the Apple of God’s eye. The conference touched me deeply. I also went for counselling sessions with Anicka and helped me to grow in confidence and in many aspects that I needed growth. Healing took place in my life and I started to live more positively. I am honoured to have a mentor like Anicka and I thank God that He sent us someone like her. She is amazing in what she does because she’s not afraid to be led by the Holy Spirit. I also thank Anicka for the impact she made in the young ladies as well as in many women’s life.

Thank you to the people who help her with Real Women For God as well!

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