I remember the day I met Anicka, as if it just happened yesterday!

It was at our youth leader meeting, she sat on a couch next to one of my friends and the first thing I saw was her big beautiful eyes and her big bright smile! I chose to sit next. A few things I came to notice as I sat next to her, was first her beauty, she has a beautiful face, her lips had a bright red on, her perfume hung around us where we sat next to her, she had a pair of high heels on, and a coat. She really gave a really good first impression, I was truly in awe of Anicka’s exterior.

Then we had our meeting where the youth leader introduced Anicka to us as the woman who is going to be the speaker at our girl conference. When Kenneth finished his teaching and we all have exchanged what it meant to us and what we’ve understood through his teaching, Anicka had a turn to say something. Anicka said great words and then came out the bubbliest laugh.

After our meeting I couldn’t wait for the girl conference! All the girls came with excitement, Anicka prepared every girls seating and set out a few things we used throughout her teaching. She started by telling us her life story and we were moved and mostly surprised, because as I sat there and listened to her I would have never guessed that such a beautiful woman went through such horrible heart-breaking things and still she started a ministry for the one gender that have bullied her, women.

Anicka taught us how to remove all the ugly labels people have labelled us with throughout our lifetime. She taught us how to forgive and let go of all the hurt and baggage we carry of the words and doings of people who broke our hearts, images, our thoughts of ourselves.

Anicka gave us an amazing tutorial with a great word about makeup and how we should apply it and gave an amazing word, where every make up essential had a word which we should remember and think of as we apply our make-up. Every morning since than I put on my armour, because after Anicka’s teaching I know that we fight every day in the spirit and not in the flesh.

Every girl had learned so much and in a few weeks I could already see the difference in the way I felt about make-up, about myself, about my beauty. I can’t go a day without wearing my armour. The 2nd conference Anicka gave a teaching about our Instagram, she used all the social media platforms and she taught us how to first take care of the person after the happy selfie, the feelings truly inside and not what we pretend to be. She helped us get rid of daddy issues, how to be ourselves, love ourselves, how to encourage others beauty, how to have conversation with God anywhere anytime every day! Anicka taught us how to find our true identity, how to forgive, how to love again. She reminds us daily how we are the apple of God’s eye, how we are loved by Him, how we are royalty, how beautiful we are to God, how GOD wants us to prosper and have a bright successful future.

Anicka had sessions with me and in these sessions I learned so much, I got over so many internal issues, and I got to deal with setbacks and obstacles, she gave me amazing word I had to study, she helped where I needed help. She came and helped me repair my image that was scattered, she helped me feel beautiful and appreciated again. She helped me to know how loved I am by my heavenly Father.

So why I’ve mentioned her image in the first paragraph:

Her eyes: Anicka taught me how our eyes are the window to our souls, and I can only see love stream out of her eyes, her eyes are filled with deep pools of love and compassion.

Her smile: it can literally brighten up anyone’s day, and I now know that with your mouth you should always speak truth, kind words, God’s word and praises onto Him.

Her high heels: it represents how I’ve raised my standards, how I started walking proudly and upright, how I walk on higher ground with my heavenly Father now.

Her perfume: it smelled so sweet and beautiful, it represents how I only want to be surrounded by the sweet heavenly Holy Spirit and be moved by His spirit and how I want to smell the sweet heavenly spirit and I want Him to hang around me like a sweet perfume.

Her coat: it represents how I now feel closer to God, how I feel His love and caring heart, it is how I’ve became closer than ever to Him that it feels like He hugs my body like a coat, how He protects me against any storm that may come in my life.

Her laugh: it’s the joyous sound I now always want to make unto Him, it is the feelings I get when I’m in His presence and when I’m feeling His touchable presence. It’s how I want to feel always…

All these things Anicka helped me with, she helped me get my relationship on track with God. I have come to love Anicka so deeply and dearly, she walked into my life and here lays her footprints in my heart that will stay forever! I feel so grateful for a mentor, so loving, so wise, so in love with God, so inspirational, so caring, such a great teacher in everything I do, so motivating, so wonderful, I’m so grateful for God blessing my life with such a powerful mentor.

I’m now today in awe of Anicka’s exterior as well as her interior! She truly has a heart of gold! I’m so thankful for her ministry that reaches out to women all over the world!

Thank you Anicka you are truly helping me in so many ways!

Love you always,


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