Chantelle Von Molendorff

I found myself in a stage of life where I didn’t really know who I was or what I was capable of. I longed for that AMAZING relationship with God and I could never completely understand why I couldn’t achieve that relationship. I started to think I wasn’t good enough, because people treated me like I wasn’t. Then came the woman conference and I realised that I didn’t feel worthy enough for the people around me so how could I then feel worthy enough for an almighty God?

Anicka’s word as well as her amazing testimony really was an inspiration for me. I started building up my self-confidence and also started to believe in myself. There was a day when we had to forgive people for things they did and said to us and for me that really changed my perspective and also the way I see myself, because if you forgive those people, the things they did or said no longer has a hold on you.

So basically I let go of things that were haunting me from the past, I realised that God loves me so so soooo much and because I love him I’m responsible for using my talents and reaching success with them. The only way I can do what God wants me to do is if I believe in myself and love myself. I got blessed in so many unimaginable ways and I only have God to thank for that.

The conference gave so many girls the opportunity to find themselves again and to realise what they are worth! We started building friendships and each and every one of us there had issues and things we had to deal with. We could support those with the same problems and listen to others. It truly was an AMAZING time and I want to thank everyone responsible for Real Women For God, because you are making a huge impact on a lot of young women’s lives.

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